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Hydrogen End-Use Application Online

Hydrogen End-Use Application Online

Half-day course

In our second half-day training course on hydrogen different end-users in the industry and the mobility sector will be discussed together with several best practice cases from the domestic energy sector.


Language: English
Level: Introduction courses
Location: Online via live-streaming


€ 625,- excl. VAT

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Content of this course:

In order to reach our climate targets and commitments, hydrogen is considered as one of the key elements in the energy transition. DOB-Academy provides two online introduction training courses on hydrogen and the various aspects of it that are important for a successful energy transition.

During these two half-day introduction training course, participants will learn about the various way to produce hydrogen; its distribution and storage possibilities and its impact on our energy grid. In a series of theoretical lectures, the applications for the end users are examined as well as its various possibilities.

‘The Hydrogen End-use Application’ training course will focus on end-use applications with hydrogen in various industries by expert guest lectures. Topics range from industrial feedstock, electrolysers to the use of hydrogen in shipping, aviation and heavy transport. During the hands-on case participants will be challenged to roll out an hydrogen network to various onshore end-users.

Our other training course on hydrogen is called ‘The Hydrogen Value Chain’  and is complementary to this training course. Each training course can be taken separately, but together they give a complete overview of the market and provide a solid basis for the junior engineers working in offshore energy. And the combination of the two DOB-Online training courses are equivalent to the regular (physical) training course ‘Introduction Hydrogen’.

Learning objectives:

  • Gain insight into the industrial end-use applications of hydrogen
  • Learn about the best practices and lessons learned of the use of hydrogen as a domestic energy
  • Get an outlook on the use of hydrogen in shipping, aviation and heavy transport
  • Experts from industry (Frames, Stedin and RvO) provide engaging lectures
  • Expand your hydrogen knowledge in just half a day

Target audience:

This course is designed for junior Engineers and those affiliated with hydrogen or renewable energy in general, but in particular the offshore energy market.


Eddy van Oort (Frames) looks at the role of hydrogen in the industry sector and will discuss aspects such as industrial feedstock and high temperature heating. In a second lecture Eddy will give a glimpse into the world of electrolysers. An expert in the industry (t.b.c.) will discusses hydrogen as domestic energy for sector built environment and give several example of best practices as well as lessons learned. After the break an outlook on the use of hydrogen in the mobility sector will presented by an export in the industry (t.b.c.).

Trailer of Hydrogen End-Use Application Online by the DOB studio.

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