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Introduction Offshore Green Hydrogen

Introduction Offshore Green Hydrogen

1 Day course

In this one-day course, participants will learn about the production, distribution, storage and use of green hydrogen as an energy carrier.


Language: English
Level: Introduction courses
Location: De Oude Bibliotheek in Delft

Content of this course:

In order to reach climate targets and commitments, hydrogen is considered as one of the key elements in the energy transition. In this one-day introduction course, participants will learn about the various ways to produce hydrogen, the different distribution and storage options and utilisation possibilities. In a series of theoretical lectures, different angles of the hydrogen value chain are discussed. To enhance the learning and get a feeling for the different parameters and sensitivities around hydrogen development projects, the theoretical knowledge will be put into practice in a series of interactive cases in our lab. 

Learning objectives:

  • Get familiar with the basic principles and terminology around hydrogen. 
  • Get an understanding of the current hydrogen value chain and the opportunities and challenges for its contribution to the energy transition. 
  • Obtain an overview of the production methods of green hydrogen and its distribution and storage options.
  • Gain insight into various aspects of the use of hydrogen and its impact on the end-user. 
  • Gain insight in technological and societal developments around hydrogen, on the basis of various projects around the world. 

Target audience:

This course is designed for newcomers in the hydrogen industry and others interested in the sector. No background knowledge or technical education is required. 


Trailer of Introduction Offshore Green Hydrogen by the DOB studio.

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