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Introduction to Offshore Wind Support Structures

Introduction to Offshore Wind Support Structures

Half-day course

In this half-day training course, participants will gain insight into the design of offshore wind support structures, from both a technical and practical point of view.


Language: English
Level: Introduction courses
Location: Online via live-streaming


€ 625,- excl. VAT

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Content of this course:

During this DOB-Online training course our expert teachers will provide a technical overview of the main parameters and characteristics of offshore support structures for wind turbines. You will learn to distinguish between the different types of loads faced by engineers during the design process of an offshore support structure and how these can be predicted and modelled by using ocean, wind and soil data. The second lecture will delve into several important characteristics, such as strength and applicability of the mainstream types of support structures and discuss their potential, but also their limitations in practical use.

This fundamental knowledge will form the basis for the last lecture on the theory of monopile design, in which vital technical design considerations will be discussed. The training course will conclude with an interactive case on the design of a monopile. A perfect way to experience first-hand how complex the design of a monopile can be.

Connecting Modules

In addition to the DOB-Online training course Introduction to Offshore Wind Support Structures, we offer three other DOB-Online training courses concerning other aspects of offshore wind, which are complementary to this training course: Wind Essentials, Introduction to Electricity and Power Generation and Basic Installation, O&M and Future Technologies.

Together, these four training courses are equivalent to the regular (physical) training course Introduction Offshore Wind, and will provide a complete overview of the entire offshore wind industry and its playing field.


In preparation for the DOB-Online training course you will receive a DOB-box at home (or your office). This DOB-box will contain useful documents and a surprise, all with the style and high quality of the DOB-Academy standard.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the principles and parameters used in the design of an offshore wind turbine support structure
  • Gain more insight into the theory of monopile design
  • Put the knowledge gained directly into practice during an interactive realistic case
  • Expand your offshore wind knowledge in just half a day

Target audience:

This course has been developed for professionals working in the offshore wind industry for 0-3 years with a BSc diploma or a higher education. It is also very suitable for professionals with 5 years of relevant experience in similar industries. The ‘Introduction to Offshore Wind Support Structures’ training course enables junior technology specialists who work in a single competence field to obtain an overview of other (technical) disciplines of the offshore wind industry. Furthermore, generalists from a banking, insurance and environmental background who successfully complete this course gain valuable insights into the technology behind offshore wind. 

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