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Offshore Green Hydrogen For Professionals

Offshore Green Hydrogen For Professionals

2 Day course

In this two-day course, participants will get insight in all the aspects of the green hydrogen value chain through a mixture of in-depth lectures, cases and examples from the industry.


Language: English
Level: Introduction courses
Location: De Oude Bibliotheek in Delft


€ 1925,- excl. VAT

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Content of this course:

In order to reach climate targets and commitments, hydrogen is considered as one of the key elements in the energy transition. In this two-day course, participants will gain in-depth insight in the various ways to produce hydrogen, the different distribution and storage options and utilisation possibilities. Through a combination of theoretical lectures, industry examples and hands-on cases a level of understanding throughout the hydrogen value chain will be reached.

Learning objectives:

  • Re-cap the basic principles and terminology around hydrogen.
  • Get an in-depth understanding of the hydrogen value chain and the opportunities and challenges for its contribution to the energy transition.
  • Gain knowledge of the production methods of green hydrogen and the challenges of scaling up production.
  • Get and overview of transport and storage options.
  • Get an understanding of the challenges and opportunities of underground hydrogen storage.
  • Gain insight into various aspects of the utilisation of hydrogen in the different sectors (industry, transport, domestic).
  • Gain insight in technological and societal developments around hydrogen, on the basis of various projects around the world.
  • Get an overview of the recent technological developments around hydrogen and offshore hydrogen production.

Target audience:

This course is designed for (new) professionals in the hydrogen industry needing an in-depth insight in all aspects of the green hydrogen value chain.

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