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Offshore Safety Methodologies

Offshore Safety Methodologies

Half-day course

In this online training course, participants will gain insight into the basics of offshore safety, from HAZID methodologies to implementation of practical safety measures.


Language: English
Level: Introduction courses
Location: Online via live-streaming


€ 625,- excl. VAT

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Content of this course:

Safety is of undeniable importance, but do you act accordingly and take the right precautions at work? The ‘Offshore Safety Methodologies’ training course offers a refreshing insight into various safety aspects, ranging from the theories and methodologies to practical measures that have implications on your daily work processes. You will be given training on how to execute the appropriate actions correctly in an online environment.

The lectures will explain the general safety aspects and theories and methodologies, such as Bow Tie and HAZID. They will be accompanied by hands-on cases that use actual situations to effectively train the methodologies in an online environment.

Although this course will not get rid of any paper-based actions, it will greatly improve the safety of your work by training you in the correct safety procedures and processes.

Learning objectives:

  • Become acquainted with offshore safety in just one day
  • Understand the basic principles of offshore safety
  • Learn the Bow Tie and HAZID methodologies effectively based on an actual Offshore case
  • Learn to implement practical safety measures and procedures
  • Specially developed for everyone working in the offshore industry

Target audience:

The ‘Offshore Safety Methodologies’ training course is aimed at professionals working in the offshore industry who deal with the practical and procedural aspects of safety on a daily basis, whether they are working onshore or offshore. Although focused on the offshore industry, the content of this course is also broadly applicable to safety at work in general.

Indication of the programme:

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