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Online Offshore Wind for Professionals for Japan (English)

Online Offshore Wind for Professionals for Japan (English)

2 Day course

During our new DOB-online training course, you will learn the first about the basics of the history and societal impact of wind turbines and analyse the basic components of a wind turbine. In the second day you will learn about the basic concepts involving design, installation, operation and maintenance of a wind farm and their latest technologies.


Language: English
Level: Introduction courses
Location: Online via live-streaming


€ 950,- excl. VAT

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Content of this course:

Japan has the world’s eighth-largest exclusive economic zone, with abundant seabed resources and wind available. This potential is largely unused. Japan wishes to utilise this potential as part of the nation’s growth strategy. Therefore, Japan aims to increase the number of offshore engineers to 10.000 by 2030 to serve a 50 trillion yen market. Currently, only 2.200 offshore engineers work in this sector, because of the shortcoming in knowledge and education in the offshore industry. To realise this increase in engineers, the Ocean Innovation Consortium was launched in 2016, cultivating human resources involved in offshore development. One of the vehicles to address this challange is by providing professional engineering courses. With its experience in Europe and expertise on topics ranging from EPC contracting, transport & logistics, design of windturbine foundations and floating foundations, DOB-Academy is well-prepared to educate and motivate the (young) professionals in Japan.

This course is supported by:


day 1

  • Introduction to societal and political aspects of the offshore wind industry
  • Wind turbine components and how can a wind turbine can generate power
  • Different types of support structures and the electrical infrastructure within an offshore wind farm

day 2

  • Design and installation aspects of offshore wind farms
  • Operation and maintenance of wind turbines offshore
  • Future technologies: where is the offshore wind industry heading?

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the rapid growth and development of the offshore wind energy industry
  • Acquire knowledge about the effect of both policy and societal needs on the development of offshore wind energy
  • Understand how wind is converted into electricity, how this electricity is transported to consumers and how a business case can be built for this
  • Become familiar with all the components within an offshore wind farm and their functionalities.
  • Gain insight into the life cycle of a typical wind farm
  • Become familiar with typical installation strategies and vessels required for an offshore wind farm
  • Learn about common operation and maintenance considerations during the lifetime of an offshore wind farm
  • Keep up to speed with the latest developments surrounding offshore wind

Target audience:

This course has been developed for newcomers in the offshore wind industry such as young professionals or workers who recently started working in the offshore wind industry and others interested in the sector. No background knowledge or technical education is required.

Indication of the programme:

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