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Secretary’s Day 2024

23 April 2024

DOB-Academy's Secretary's Day was a resounding success, exceeding expectations and leaving attendees feeling empowered with new skills to excel in their roles.

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Upcoming: A Secretary’s Day Like No Other

12 March 2024

Empower your secretaries with the skills and knowledge to excel in their roles and ultimately increase the efficiency and success of your business. Invest in their growth by inviting them to a unique Secretary's Day event at De Oude Bibliotheek in Delft on April 18.

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DOB-Academy Kids expands to Ameland 

31 August 2023

This school year, DOB-Academy will roll out the wind programme to primary schools in Ameland. For this DOB-Academy Kids received a sponsorship from NAM. Jan van der Tempel, director of DOB-Academy, received the cheque at the celebration of the electrification of the production platform AWG 1 in Ameland. 

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DOB-Academy goes gold

9 August 2021

DOB-Academy has proudly hosted and co-organised the Wetskills Finals & Kick-off Wave to Paris together with Wetskills and Dutch Wavemakers in cooperation with the TeamNL Expo and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Japan.

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Tunesia takes first steps towards offshore wind energy

15 March 2021

Tunisia has shown interest in Dutch offshore wind energy. Offshore wind development in Tunisia will benefit the environment and the quality of life of the Tunisian people. It will also have a positive impact on the economy as offshore wind will reduce energy shortages. This change will make Tunisia less dependent on sources outside the […]

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DOB-Academy events: a world of possibilities

11 February 2021

Years of experience in organizing, facilitating and hosting technical, corporate events and online teaching allowed DOB-academy to now also facilitate hosting online, live-streaming events with the same level of quality and hospitality.

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Develop your online event

1 September 2020

Exploring your options for transforming your (offshore) event or training course to an online live streaming event? With years of experience in events, video making, teaching and course development DOB-Academy can help you to find the best solution for (online) live streaming of your events or training courses.

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Our fall 2020 calendar

14 August 2020

Here is our latest course calendar for the fall of 2020. Come back to De Oude Bibliotheek for one of our hybrid courses or stay safe at home for an online course.

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DOB-Academy goes online

27 March 2020

In these turbulent times of working from home, DOB-Academy introduces a new type of training course to accommodate the need for offshore education: DOB-Online training courses.

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DOB-Academy launches its first training course on hydrogen as a renewable source of energy

21 February 2020

Hydrogen is to play a key role in the energy transition, together with (offshore) wind turbines and solar panels. That is why DOB-Academy, in cooperation with Frames, Energy Delta Institute and TU Delft, has developed a one-day ‘Introduction Hydrogen’ training course.

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Activity sheets on offshore renewable energy

13 February 2020

We believe that Empowering Engineering Excellence is not bounded by age: people are never too young or too old to be engaged in offshore renewable energy. In the times when entire families find themselves at home working, teaching and learning together our graphical department reaches out to a much younger generation than our regular crowd and provides colouring sheets

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MOU to establish the Asia-Pacific Offshore Wind Academy in Singapore

31 January 2020

Delft / Singapore, 31 January 2020: The Asia Wind Energy Association and De Oude Bibliotheek Academy (DOB-Academy) have joined forces to initiate the establishment of a regional Academy for the fast-growing offshore wind industry in Asia-Pacific. The Asia-Pacific Offshore Wind Academy will be established in Singapore and will provide educational services for the regional offshore wind industry.

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Renewables Roadshow to fill upcoming human capital gap

14 January 2020

Offshore wind plays a crucial role in the energy transition. To realize the development of offshore wind parks in the Netherlands a substantial growth of the pool of qualified professionals is needed. With the Renewables Roadshow, visiting vocational educational institutes in the Netherlands, three organisations joined forces to fill the upcoming human capital gap.

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offshore wind innovators innovation challenge finals

21 November 2019

On December 9, 2019 Offshore Wind Innovators organises the Finals of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge. During the event the finalists of the challenges will present their case for the audience, after which the jury announces the winners.

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NWEA’s WindDays: interview with Thijs Kamphuis and David de Jager

16 July 2019

A month ago it was that time of the year again for the wind energy industry in the Netherlands. It was time for NWEA’s annual WindDays in Rotterdam. During these exciting two days, Thijs Kamphuis, an engineer at DOT and David de Jager, director of Grow were interviewed by Remco de Boer. They spoke about the ‘innovative slip joint offshore research at Borssele 5’ which was, as you might imagine, a mouth full for the interviewer.

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DOB-Academy nominated for the Public Outreach Award 2019

4 July 2019

DOB-Academy is nominated for the Public Outreach Award 2019. This prestigious award recognises outstanding achievements in the field of public outreach by companies and the DOB-Academy Teach-the-Teacher sessions have been nominated for 2019! The winner will be announced during the Offshore Energy Opening Gala Dinner & Awards Show on October 7th this year.

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DOB-Academy wins in the Future Wind Photo Competition

20 June 2019

Last June on 15th was the Global Wind Day. As part of this event a Global Wind Day 2019 Photo Competition was held, with the overarching theme of ‘future wind’. With great delight and pride we can inform you that DOB-Academy has won in the category ‘beyond wind’. The photo was taken by Maartje van Rempt, one of our working students at DOB-Academy.

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DOB-Academy signed two contracts in Tokyo, Japan

10 June 2019

Today DOB-Academy signed a contract with NAMICPA (Nagasaki Marine Industry Cluster Promotion Association). Together with consortium partner TU Delft, we also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Nippon Foundation.

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DOB-Academy went on tour across the continents!

24 April 2019

During the second week of April our teachers Hendrik Goos, Elena Stroo-Moredo and Niek Meurs were across the world providing seminars and training courses on offshore wind in New York City and Guangzhou.

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KIVI Seminar: Offshore wind made profitable

1 May 2018

On April 19th, DOB-Academy hosted a seminar organised by KIVI. One hundred guests attended lectures concerning ‘Offshore wind made profitable’.

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DOB-Academy CEO Dr Jan van der Tempel honorary member of KIVI

27 March 2018

KIVI, the The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers has appointed DOB-Academy CEO Dr Jan van der Tempel on Wednesday 21st 2018 as honorary member of KIVI.

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Administrative Professionals’ Day 2018

27 February 2018

The 19th of April 2018 is ‘Administrative professionals' day’, or 'Secretaressedag'. On this day, DOB-Academy will be hosting a half day of knowledge and entertainment for administrative professionals in a pleasant and relaxing environment.

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Inspiring the next generation of engineers

26 January 2018

As an academy providing offshore energy education for professionals, we believe excellent technical education is essential. Since we have a passion for sharing knowledge, we invited almost 200 children aged six to nine at De Oude Bibliotheek last month for a workshop on wind turbines.

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Thank you for meeting us at WINDEurope 2017

18 December 2017

Thank you for meeting us at WINDEurope 2017 Amsterdam.

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Dutch government launches Wind & Water Works campaign at DOB-Academy

28 November 2017

An offshore wind energy masterclass organised by the Netherlands took place at DOB-Academy in Delft. In this masterclass, ten countries were informed about the Dutch approach to offshore wind energy. During the masterclass the Dutch Government, in collaboration with various parties in the wind sector, launched an international campaign entitled Wind & Water Works.

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Launch Offshore Wind Innovators

15 June 2017

DOB-Academy is proud to be partner of 'offshore wind innovators' which launched the 15th of June.

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Valuable lessons learned during seminar “Building on experience”

21 April 2017

On Friday April 21st, De Oude Bibliotheek organized a seminar called: “Building on experience – not everything goes as planned”. In this seminar, senior engineers from prominent positions in the field of bottom founded structures, shared their valuable hands-on project experiences with student and young professionals.

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KIVI Seminar: ‘Clean Oceans And Clean Energy’ 20 April 2017

20 April 2017

On Thursday 20 April 2017 DOB-Academy hosted a seminar by KIVI Offshore Techniek on 'Clean oceans and clean energy'. Participants were invited to join us for an Italian meal, after which three presentations were given about clean oceans and clean energy.

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Interview Jan van der Tempel in Offshore Industry

30 March 2017

Jan van der Tempel, co-founder of De Oude Bibliotheek Academy (DOB-Academy), was interviewed for the latest issue of Offshore Industry magazine. In the article Van der Tempel says that he believes in “sharing knowledge at every educational level on a national scale”. And that is what DOB-Academy does for the offshore industry.

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IRO Award of Excellence

1 December 2016

Jan van der Tempel, CEO of DOB-Academy, has received the IRO Award of Excellence. The award was presented to him by previous winner Edward Heerema on the 24th of November in Rotterdam.

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