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Russian employee training Lagerwey

Russian specialist training

In 2018, DOB-Academy was asked to develop a tailor-made training programme in collaboration with Lagerwey (Enercon) for NovaWind manufacturing specialists in Russia. The result was a comprehensive training programme (in Russian) supported by both theoretical and practical sessions. These sessions included face-to-face lectures, practical exercises, video courses, and real practice directly at the plant.
In the training process, virtual reality was used for trainees to enter a virtual workshop where, using various tools, all assembly operations of wind power plant units were presented in a step-by-step manner.

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DOB-Academy was responsible for translating all of Lagerwey’s knowledge, handbooks, guides and models into a balanced and interactive training programme. All 3D-modelling, animation and video instruction videos were developed in-house by our DOB Studio.

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