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Secretary’s Day 2024

The annual gathering for offshore energy professionals
Published on: April 23rd, 2024

Secretary’s Day 2024

DOB-Academy’s Secretary’s Day was a resounding success, exceeding expectations and leaving attendees feeling empowered with new skills to excel in their roles.

The half-day event kicked off with a warm welcome and networking over coffee, followed by engaging presentations covering basic wind energy terminology and the lifecycle of an offshore wind farm.

Through the engaging DIY Rotor Competition case study, attendees gained an understanding of why turbine blades are designed the way they are, whilst challenging their creativity.

DIY Rotor Competition introduction at the Lab.

The day was not only informative but also immensely enjoyable, finishing with a delicious lunch provided by DOB-Academy’s kitchen staff. Amidst the enriching lectures and practical cases, the event also provided ample opportunities for networking and forging connections with other professionals within the industry.

Attendees found the event to be a perfect blend of connectivity and learning, making it a memorable and enriching experience for all involved. Keep an eye out for information on our next Secretary’s Day in 2025 !

Course leader Helma Cruts explains the basic terminology and principles of wind energy.
David Tiemens, team leader at DOT, talks about offshore wind farm lifecycle.
Lunch provided by DOB-Academy’s outstanding kitchen staff.
DIY Rotor Competition run by Wink de Groot and Steffan Roskam.
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